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Although the picture verifies that I am well beyond my teens, I’m still a kid at heart. I relate to youngsters, so much so that I decided to write stories just for kids. To make sure that I did it right, I went back to school, to the Institute for Children’s Literature.

As a child, I didn’t learn to enjoy the wonderous world of books. I hope readers of this page won’t make that same mistake. Now, as a result of my involvement with writers’ groups, my outlook has changed. I think I have read (and enjoyed!) more children’s books in the last year than I had read in all my years as a child.

Even today, the first (and sometimes the only) part of the newspaper I read is the “funnies.” I love to find the 6 differences in the “hocus-focus” drawings. I spend time around elementary school children as a volunteer at the local library’s “After School Rules” reading program, or helping with children’s programs at my church, or at the Children’s Advocacy Center just being a friend to a boy or girl who’s had a bad childhood experience. I love jokes. My favorite holiday is Halloween. (I love the interaction with “trick or treater’s” who come to my door.) I enjoy animated feature-length movies, like “Cars,” “Madagascar,” and “Shrek.” In short, I’m just a guy who, in my retirement years, enjoys being with children, playing with them, and helping them learn about their world. And hoping to make a difference in the lives of children I have yet to meet.

I am a father, a grandfather, and a great grandfather. In April, 2007 I retired from a lengthy career in banking and finance after which I pursued my passion for writing. My wife and I now live in Texas.

Marvin’s published books include:

  • Sammy Squirrel and The Sunflower Seeds (Mid grade chapter book)
  • Ferdinand Frog’s Flight (pre-school to 1st grade picture book)
  • The Day X Ran Away
  • Case of the Stolen Stash

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