ETWG Summer Workshop

Saturday, July 19th, 2014 ~ 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Online Registration is CLOSED.

We do still have a few spots available.

If you would like to attend the workshop, please contact us before noon on Friday, July 18th. We will need your name, contact info and sandwich choice (turkey, ham, roast beef or veggie). You may pay at the door. Our fees are:

  • Students: $30
  • Members: $50
  • Non-members: $60
  • Reciprocal (attending both ETWG and Lexicon): $50

Location: Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce – 315 N. Broadway, Tyler

Time: 9:00 AM until about 4:00 PM


“Writing and Marketing in the Digital Age”

We are pleased to bring you these fabulous speakers this year!

John Borgstedt – Masterful Marketing

John-BorgstedtJohn is the author of “I Love You Mom Please Don’t Break My Heart.” He has been recognized through numerous national and international awards including outstanding local, regional, cable television and program awards, as well as an award for the finest video and film production and work created for the web.

John’s dream is to provide a home on a ranch facility for abused and neglected boys, creating a safe haven for them.  He envisions meeting their every need with a parent’s love, supervision, and care. He hopes to offer them something most have never known before: a loving home life: structure, stability and hope for a better life. Eventually, he would like to see the home expand to care for more children, including possibly adding a facility for girls. Then… on to other towns in Texas and other states!

Meanwhile, John is on the road year-round speaking with countless entities, to children, and at public engagements. He speaks with court appointed special advocates (CASA), along with nationwide speaking engagements for Child Protectiye Services (CPS), and in the state of Texas at Texas Youth Commission facilities (TYC). He also speaks in churches, at children’s camps, and to nationwide law enforcement agencies and lawmakers.

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Caleb Pirtle – Writing in the Digital Age

Caleb-PirtleCaleb Pirtle III has always considered himself to be a thief. He says, “I’ve spent my whole life stealing bits and pieces of other people’s lives, experiences, and memories, then writing them down in newspaper stories, magazine articles, and books – both fiction and nonfiction. I would be lost if they had not come along. I would have been terribly disappointed if our paths hadn’t crossed and I had not been able to sit down and talk to them for a while. I am convinced that everyone who walks across the street has a great story to tell if someone will just take the time to listen.”

Pirtle takes the time. He listens. He has been doing it all of his life. Many of their stories have found their way into the more than sixty books and novels he has written, including such award winners as XIT: The American Cowboy, The Unending Season, Echoes from Forgotten Streets, and The Grandest Day. His article about Nick Rowe, the first American soldier captured during the Vietnam War, won the National William Randolph Hearst Award. Pirtle has also written the teleplay for three television movies: Gambler V: Playing for Keeps and Wildcat: The Story of Sarah Delaney and the Doodlebug Man for CBS, and The Texas Rangers for TNT.

Two years ago, as digital publishing was surging to the forefront, he and his wife, Linda, joined with attorney and author Stephen Woodfin to found and build Venture Galleries, working with authors across the country and helping them publish, promote, market, and sell their books.

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