kahlua ice cream pie
bunchofpants / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Taste Buds

You are the apple of my eye
You are my fruit cake
My banana cream pie.
You make my mouth water
And my heart skip a beat.
You are so delicious, so tasty, so sweet.
You are my milk and honey
The wine that makes me feel funny.
You are my sugar cookie
My chocolate chip dough.
Baking just the way I like you
I’ll eat you ooh so slow.
I’ll savor every morsel
Remember every bite
But, the best is always saved for late late night.
I’ll nibble just a little then,
I’ll swallow whole.
Delicious cream filled donuts,
Always the last to go.
Cause it’s the sheerest pleasure
These taste buds have ever known.
You are the frosting on my cake
You know just how to make my oven bake.
You are the apple of my eye
You are my husband
And I want to tell the whole world why
My taste buds
Stay on a continuous high

Billie Gail Stanley-Lackey-Turknett


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