What you Missed at February Nutz & Bolts.

Hey, What’d y’all talk about at Nutz & Bolts this February?

We missed you at the Nutz & Bolts Meeting.

The February meeting was small in number but powerful in input. We heard a thank you letter from Shari Parker, of Shari Parker Publishing and did an exercise she sent to us in which you write down the title of your work and then write down four descriptive key words about it. We each took time to share and books ranged from handicapped youth, to prostitution, to rape, redemption, and romance, all the way to science fiction,  fantasy, and self-esteem.

It is really interesting, the diversity within the Writer’s Guild. All of us seem to be seeking the same ultimate goal, though…recognition and publication.

Our thanks to Shari for this fun exercise.

Then we talked about the topic for the night: What are your insecurities as a writer and what are your encouragements?

Marvin Mayer, author of The Day X Ran Away, stated that he has found much encouragement and support when he has attended NETWO and other conferences. He said these were a place to meet editors, publishers, and other authors and where a lot of good information and relationships are formed. Also, he has received support and learning through the “Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators” organization.  He informed the group that there are organizations on line like the “Children’s Network” who put out monthly newsletters. All of these things have helped to encourage him and build his confidence along the path of his writing career.

Another attendee stated that she writes poetry and short stories and for her going back to college at the age of fifty three and having articles published in the TJC magazine lit a fire within. She had been encouraged by her family and her teachers in the past but life seemed to always get in the way of her writing career. Now, she has the time to develop and publish some of the many works which she has performed in the past before church groups. For her, putting it all down on paper, in book form, means a lot more than just a book. It is a legacy, one which her mother always wished for her. Before her mother passed away, she told her to put her words down on paper. So, here’s to you, mom.

Another writer told that she has written music and has an English and Speech degree. She doesn’t feel insecure about writing, but writing a full length novel is daunting…plotting, character development and continuity are difficult to master.

The last attendee stated that she had a lot of confidence issues growing up, but writing allowed her to escape.  Writing created a place where she could excel by winning; in one contest she swept the awards taking both second and third places. She also stated that one thing which really encouraged her was being a member of a critique group. Fellowship with other writers makes a difference.

So, if you just took the time to read this article, sit down, grab your favorite pad of paper and pen, or open your notebook tablet, and answer the following questions for yourself:

  1.  Write down the title of your current work
  2. Write down four words to describe it.
    1. Example: My book is Butterfly. My four words are Rape, Redemption, Romance, Salvation

Next: Ask yourself the question:  What are your insecurities as writers and what are your encouragements? What topics would you like to learn more about?

I dare you to answer and post your ideas on the web at etwritersguild.org. Who knows, you might be picking the next topic for one of our meetings.





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