Wisp: A New Offering by E-Tex Writers Agency


E-Tex Writers Agency (Roger Middleton) has just published its first book, entitled Wisp, in both print and ebook versions, which should be available to order very soon from nearly every retail source. It is currently available through the CreateSpace eBook Store at: https://www.createspace.com/4319978.

This a book written by an author who wishes to remain completely anonymous and is using the pen name of Gene Eric Crider (say that fast five times). He plans to publish many more works, including novels, poetry, plays, and other forms. He is already working on his next book.

Wisp is about a normal teen love triangle among best friends who aren’t really ‘normal’ and is loosely based on real people and real events.

“A very touching love story of friends who seem to consider each other’s feelings at the expense of their own. It is very inspiring of the love they had for each other. I was compelled to continue reading.”

Valory Elliott

It would also be a great read for anyone who is physically challenged or is involved with those who are.

E-Tex Writers Agency was formed to help writers “move from manuscript to money” by providing services for those who cannot afford to go the ‘traditional publishing’ route.


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