Planets, stars, and heavens stand
as but a glimpse of Canaan land.
Where oh where are you blessed?
I seek your hand.

If only I could reach, to touch, upon you stand.
I strive to meet you, to be in your sight.
Upon you, your heavenly land,
Oh but to stand on you this very night!

Where oh where is your bright light?
Where oh where are you blessed?
You are strong you are might.
With Angels armies you are manned.

From Palestine you reign.
The Holy Land, Your home.
On Calvary you were slain.
God sits upon the throne.

Upon your shore,
I hope to gaze.
I’d love you all the more.
I offer you my unending praise.

In your kingdom is my Lord.
How I’d love to stand upon your shore.
My heart’s string you hit a chord.
You have my heart. Upon this I have swore.

In the arms of Jesus, I now rest.
I’ve given all. I’ve given my best.


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