President Lisa Holcomb called the meeting to order after a short delay from our usual starting time of 6:30 PM.

Birthdays were announced for October. They included Linda Pirtle, Gene La Viness, and Patricia La Vigne.

There was no treasurer’s report, nor Old Business.

Ilenya Marrin reminded the group about the suggestions submitted by Maya Bethany the previous month regarding the recruitment of new members and various ways we can reach out to the community in an effort to publicize the Guild.

A question arose regarding the use of Zoom for members to attend our meeting virtually. Lisa explained that during the remainder of her term as president, Zoom would be discontinued because of poor quality of sound and picture. More equipment and someone to operate it are needed for an effective virtual set-up.

Lisa reported on her experiences when she attended the Writers in the Field conference in Dallas. She was especially enamored with the soap-making demonstration, although she mentioned there were other crafts also being demonstrated. The purpose was to learn the processes of each craft in order to be able to use them in writing. Lisa also recommended that we might contact Keith Goodnight as a future speaker.

The business portion of the meeting was adjourned and the remainder of the time was used for our Open Mic session, in which those in attendance shared spooky stories.

Respectfully submitted,
Patricia La Vigne, Secretary

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