Author: Laura Bentz

Laura since she was little, liked to write and illustrate her own stories as cartoons. At age ten, she wrote her first novel: “Mike and the Secret of Mount Tui.” Sadly, she got no encouragement from anyone. Even her teacher only proofread it for grammar and spelling. So, after 6th grade, she didn’t write more stories until her early twenties, as she pursued other interests and eventually became a teacher. Then, one day, sitting in a church service, she began writing once again.

Her genre is mostly memoir, although she wrote one fantasy and one science fiction. And those are both based on her own life experiences, so she considers them “memoirs in disguise.”

As for the ETWC, she found it on the web after a friend from her former home of Florida suggested she join an organization to help her writing journey.

Her most positive experiences are pouring out her thoughts and ideas on paper and when others are impacted and lifted up through her stories and books.

The most challenging aspect is keeping a positive attitude and not getting discouraged.

She was born in Rochester, New York, but moved to the Sunshine State when she was ten. She has gotten stories published in a journal and has entered numerous contests. Also, published in 2017 her book “The Land of Efacia on the Planet Zemora.” which was what she started in that church service years ago. It’s available on Amazon.

She and her husband, Bob, moved to Texas in 2020.

Her goal in the next few years is to publish the finished book, “Lost on the Moon” and her incomplete memoir, “The Unwinding Tail”.



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