Contributed by Kay Sellers

I fully expect the August meeting to be standing room only. 🙂 Our members have been asking for more contact with Agents and thanks to Kay and the BOD, we have some exciting news for you.

New York Literary Agent, Cherry Weiner will be our “virtual” guest at our regular meeting on August 13th. Here is a little information about Cherry.

Cherry Weiner has been an agent since 1977. She started out by handling science fiction, fantasy, and horror. She now handles all genres in adult fiction. Although she does not typically handle non-fiction works, there have been a few which have crept into the mix. Cherry does not handle poetry, children’s or young adult genres as she does not want to spread herself too thin.

Cherry represents a good number of well-known authors in the various fields she handles. You can find out more about here by clicking here to view her AgentQuery page.

Cherry is highly sought after and appears to only take on new authors by personal referral. We are very privileged to have her as our guest speaker this month!




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