Author: Carl S. Kralich

Published his first book at age 25 and released his second this year (2018). He is a graduate of Jacksonville College and a member of their alumni association. He is an artist with work on Fine Art


“Auction of Worlds”

Young Adult Humorous Science Fiction. The second in a series, A Karl Sabers Space Knight Adventure, features Karl Sabers, now transitioned from student to space pirate captain, aided by a lost princess and a talking cat. Saving the princess from slavery is not enough. Her relatives now demand his attention. Before true love can prevail, he must restore an empress to a throne. Being practical, Karl jumps at the idea of buying the monarch at a collector’s auction, which advertises royalty for sale. Navigating the battlegrounds of the galaxy is the only route to the event and arriving alive is a hazardous gamble. Help comes from the egotistical feline, who believes he and Karl can do anything, and a self-effacing Artificial Intelligence who really can.


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