Your Life…the unending source of inspiration

You can’t create out of a vacuum; your life experiences provide you a never-ending source of inspiration for story lines, characters and their mannerisms, locations, scenes, and so on. Accessing your life’s experiences will inspire nonfiction and fiction,...

Questions About Query Letters?

At our most recent Nutz and Boltz meeting, ETWG member, Tina Stickles, shared a couple of great resources about query letters. She has generously shared those for us here. Thanks Tina! Anatomy of a Query Letter 10 Query Letter Tips for Writers

How Can I Put Something in the The Next Chapter (TNC) Newsletter?

The Deadline for Submitting Articles for the 2013 TNC are: May 3, 2013. May TNC May 31, 2013, June TNC June 28, 2013, July TNC August 1, 2013, August TNC August 30, 2013, September TNC September 27, 2013, October TNC November 1, 2013, November TNC November 29, 2013,...

New Year…New Opportunity for Flash Fiction Contest

Criteria for Flash Fiction Contest: 1. Must be 250 words 2. Must be a complete story with a beginning, middle, and end. 3. Must contain conflict and resolution 4. Was the given prompt used? This month it is the photograph above. 5. Is the story comprehendible? 6....

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