How to Set Your Guilt Aside:

  1. What’s causing it?
  2. Visualization
  3. What can you do?

The Different Kinds of “Stuck”: 

  1. Inaction because everything has changed.
  2. No pressure which drives you in other directions.
  3. Proximity to an annoyance.
  4. Distraction which increases anxiety.
  5. Procrastination: cure would be doing housework or something monotonous to motivate you to return to your writing project.
  6. Physical burnout?

Self-care: healthy eating, exercise and rest. 

  1. Emotional or Spiritual Burnout?
  2. Shut off negative feelings and emotions and sources of that like bad news ones.
  3. Turn on positive news sources.
  4. Realign your productivity expectations or move your deadlines further out.
  5. Do self-care.
  6. Or is it Creative/intellectual burnout?

Too much of a good thing can lead to mental exhaustion.

Other Ways to Get “Unstuck”:

  1. Get off the ledge.
  2. Put together a support team.
  3. Engage in other art activities (music, visual arts, quilting, knitting, etc.)
  4. Read a good book.


  1. A rant.  Get your true feelings out on paper and then destroy that ugly rant.
  2. Something funny
  3. Something horrifying.
  4. An alternative history
  5. A different format or genre
  6. Give a hero your scars.
  7. Use a real-life villain as a fictional one.
  8. Plot out the problem that wrecked you.
  9. Use your persecutor as your victim.
  10. Expose what actually happened.
  11. Propose a new philosophy.
  12. Explore the spiritual meaning of your pain.


Be Prepared:

  1. Celebrate your victories no matter how great or small. 
  2. Anticipate your “stuck” problems.
  3. Remember your priorities.
  4. Be sensitive to your low or high-energy days and write accordingly.
  5. The 20 second rule. Does it take less than 20 seconds to do this activity? If so, what is stopping you?
  6. Stay positive no matter what.
  7. Champion another person.   Go to battle for the downtrodden and oppressed or even your family, friend or neighbor.

Thank you, Lisa, for your insights into how to be a better writer!



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