Micheal Hawron–June 12, 2023

He used different themes in his life to write about his own personal experiences.

A memoir is writing what you know. You know yourself and all that happened to you in your life.

He explained that he has written three autobiographies with the same subject: a framework to get across to the reader: what you like and what you know.

His life was not him stalking stories, but stories pursuing him.

“The Little Town With a Big Heart” is a story mainly about him and his experiences in old East Texas in a small town called New Boston. An in-depth account of the lives of the people and their insights.

Awesome Footsteps,” is a missionary, inspirational memoir he also wrote.

Entering Detours” was his account of life overseas in over 30 countries.

Just Clean Fun” was a fictional spy adventure based on his life experiences.

Spies Never Die” is another semi-fictional thriller.

His mission statement is:

I write to entertain,

I write to inform,

I write to make you think,

I write to celebrate life,

I write because it’s difficult,

I write because I can!


He then challenged us to write our own mission statements.


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