Pen name: Jack Collins
Jerry was born in Turkey Creek, Louisiana and graduated from Galena Park High School in May,1967. He joined the United States Air Force in September of that year and he served our country for twenty-two years. During this time, he traveled around the world and eventually met his former wife, Sue, in England.

After retiring from the Air Force in in 1989, Jerry spent the next year working as a deputy sheriff, but he grew tired of getting shot at for $5.00 an hour. So, he and Sue moved to Seattle, Washington where he attended ITT Tech for two years while working nights as a security guard. He didn’t get much sleep during that part of his life but he did graduate with honors with a degree in Applied Science – his real passion. In 1993, Jerry and Sue moved to Texas and he has been here ever since.

Jerry isn’t just a talented novelist, he is also gifted in many other areas. He taught himself how to play six different musical instruments, learned how to oil paint well enough to sell a few of his pieces, won numerous first place awards with his poetry, started playing golf when at the age of fifty and hold a U.S. Patent on a piece of golf equipment. While living in England, he played darts and competed against the best players in the world.

In 2006, Jerry decided to write his first book. The result was “Dust on the Saddle.” Through that effort, he learned a lot about writing. Since then, he has written several others which you can vieww on his website. Some of his books are written under his pen name, Jack Collins.

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