How Can I Put Something in the The Next Chapter (TNC) Newsletter?

The Deadline for Submitting Articles for the 2013 TNC are: May 3, 2013. May TNC May 31, 2013, June TNC June 28, 2013, July TNC August 1, 2013, August TNC August 30, 2013, September TNC September 27, 2013, October TNC November 1, 2013, November TNC November 29, 2013,...

What you Missed at February Nutz & Bolts.

Hey, What’d y’all talk about at Nutz & Bolts this February? We missed you at the Nutz & Bolts Meeting. The February meeting was small in number but powerful in input. We heard a thank you letter from Shari Parker, of Shari Parker Publishing and did an exercise...

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